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27 years
of experience

Our drilling experience began as part of the Foresight Group International back in 1989. A year later we had two rigs in operation, refreshing our fledgling fleet with a replacement in 1998. During the 2000s our experience and reputation for excellence had grow to the point where we added two more rigs to our fleet. By 2013 it was clear the drilling division was primed for expansion and the group committed $600 million to order three brand new jack-up rigs to modernise our capabilities.

In 2016 the first two of these rigs – Vivekanand 1 and Vivekanand 2 - were delivered, getting straight to work on the same day when they began operations with India’s ONGC in India. 

With a total fleet of six rigs in operation we have the capacity to match our experience and a proven track record of performance that marks us out as one of the best in the business. Want proof? Our uptime of 99.7 per cent exceeds the perceived market leader by 1.7 per cent and in an industry where margins matter that can be the difference between project’s success or failure.

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