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We develop our people

We believe in employing, training and developing our own people because doing so helps us to build and maintain a family culture within our business. This means we can trust our teams to maintain the integrity of our core values and gives our crews a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for the work they do for you.

By offering clear paths for progress, combined with a detailed matrix of the skills and certifications required for each position on our rigs, crew members are able to map out how they can develop their careers with us and what they need to do to make it happen. That’s why so many have had such loyal relationships with us for more than 20 years.

We mentor our people

Because our crews have a clear pathway for development they know they can take the opportunity to be mentored on the job. When the chance arises crewmen work together to build relationships, enhance their skills in new specialist areas, while performing vital duties on board.

This takes trust. But through adherence to clear safety protocols and with a spirit of excellence our senior crew are able to share their years of experience in each job on board, building stronger relationships with newer team members. Not only does this build skills and drive our people to perform better each day, it builds a trust between team members that is seen in few other workplaces. You can trust our crew too.

We train our people

Formal training is a crucial component in our drive for operational excellence. To ensure our crew is equipped to handle any situation we have a dedicated training institute to help us develop dedicated Foresightiens - crew members we can all trust in any situation.

Through this institute – and with the help of expert partners – we keep our crews’ skills up to date, certified and refreshed. Whether it’s training for a core skill in daily use, or practise for that nugget of knowledge that only gets used on rare occasions, we make sure our teams have all the know-how they need to be successful and safe front of mind, at all times.