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Pride in
our safety

Racking up 15 million man hours without a lost time incident is no mean feat and it has taken us 14 years to achieve. We are proud of the milestone, but we cannot be complacent. 

Crew safety is of paramount importance at all times. Through training efforts, regular drills and plenty of practise we do everything we can to ensure every single member of our crew is equipped with the right skills, supervision and guidance they need to work successfully and safely.

15 million man hours without a LTI

Safety is
an investment

A culture of safety is an investment. Whether it is the investment we have made in comprehensive safety and skills training, or the investment in modern jack-up rigs that bring with them increased automation and better back up systems, our focus is on creating an approach to work that goes beyond traditional boundaries. 

In our view it is not enough to keep the crew safe, we have to protect the sensitive environment in which we work and ensure that it remains healthy and safe for  future generations.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

Trust built
through performance

By making safety our priority across all aspects of our operations we have built lasting relationships with all of our partners.

They know we can be relied upon to deliver what we promise, without compromising any aspect of our operations, the safety of our people, or the condition of the environment.